Monday, October 04, 2010

Scavenging for Sweets

I've never kept too many provisions in my apartment to begin with. Now that I'm traveling quite a bit, I've more of less reverted to my old ways of ordering in. Except, you can't order in too much. Thus, a bizarre level of familiarity with the folks at Pops Pizza.

Anyway, tonight I was craving something sweet. Chocolate. It didn't take long, but I did look through all my cabinets. And imagine my delight when I saw this. It was a gift from Callie Lipkin, photographer awesome from Chicago.
And imagine my disappointment when I saw the other side of the can (Callie, I still appreciate the gift - next time I have an English muffin.)I can't keep too many sweets in the house. I would eat them all. When I lived with Diane, she (at my request) hid goodies from me so that I had to really want it to ask her. I miss that. And Diane in general. Hi Diane.

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