Friday, October 29, 2010

The Girlymanhood of the Traveling White House Crasher Wig

Halloween a la McKinney style. A co-worker chooses my name out of a hat, and assigns me to dress as Michaele Salahi. I don't know who this is, but Google reminds me I actually do (White House Crasher).

Organizer of McKinney Halloween Party doesn't give me my assignment until Monday (party is on Friday) and I'm in Columbus for most of the week so I have no idea how this is going to come together. Diane (who dresses up as something different every day during Halloween week) sends me a you tube video about how to wrap a saari and offers me a blond wig. But I've no idea when I can acquire either.

I land in Columbus on Thursday night. I am so not in the mood to go to a craft store at 8:30pm at night (nor am I sure one is open) or Target and tonight is also Hot Club of Durham. Seeing PEOPLE and dancing are important for my sanity so I chose that instead. The plan is to venture to Wal*Mart (one of the few 24 hour places in the area) after the dance and take my chances. I am hating on party organizer a little when I pull into Wal*Mart at 11:45pm.

I end up acquiring the best part of my costume at the dance. Tareq (i.e. Colin). It's a closed McKinney party and I figure what better way to bring the costume to life than to bring a real uninvited guest playing the role of an uninvited guest? And Colin was an easy sell. The conversation went something like this:

Jamie: I have an idea for you and I think you'll like it. Do you have a tux and 20 minutes tomorrow night?
Colin: OK.

After the dance I head to Wal*Mart and find a sheet that will do the trick.

At work, I prepare a prop. McKinney president (pictured below) will be present at the party, so I decide to add that detail to ticket.
David delivers the wig (thanks Diane). I've also learned that Girlyman (a band) is in town so after I "crash" the Halloween party I will be meeting up with David & Bengt for the show in Carborro.So, here's me in costume before I leave my apartment. The wig is unbelievably itchy and errant strands of hair are itching my face. It's like the thing has a life if it's own.

My neighbors are Indian so I'm very stealth about leaving the apartment I can't move too quickly all wrapped like this and of course I run into my neighbors as I'm getting into the car. David is driving and I'm antsy for him to drive us out of there.

So, here's a funny part (I say that only because many parts of this saga are funny). McKinney president dressed up as Lady Gaga for the Halloween Party. So, here were are, meeting our very dignified McK President.
I made a co-worker dress up as a cupcake. She's all about her baked goods. Now she is a baked good. Heh.
And that was the party.

Now, onto the concert. During the first act, Girlyman lamented they had no costumes. During intermission, I gave them my wig. During Act Two, every member of the band wore the wig. It was hit. They did all find it itchy and uncomfortable however.

A little song about the hot and uncomfortable wig

More commentary on the wig
And here you have each and every band member with wig. Doris, Nate, JJ & Ty
JJ Drummer with wig especially funny.

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David said...

Not only the band wore the wig, but also two mic stands, two guitars, and an amp. Beautiful.

Also, Girlyman have cancelled their December Midwest tour. See