Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Forget about the milkman, I've got a Gatorade dealer.

When I first moved to Durham, before I had a car I recall taking a taxi to Target to get toilet paper.
A few weeks ago, in Columbus I took a taxi to Kroger to get provisions.  I took a bit of convincing to get the taxi to drive me down there, wait, and take me back but an advance tip solved that problem.

I ended up visiting the Kroger in German Village.  For my North Carolina pals I'll simply say it felt like being in a Harris Teeter.  Kroger HQ's are in Ohio so these store are much nicer.  In NC, there's a Kroger right down the road from me but HT is worth the drive.

So, back to Ohio.

Old reliables (non perishable, require no prep) for me include:  Sprite Zero, Gatorade, Clif Bars & Cliff bars.  With these things around I don't have to order a $12 dessert from room service if I just want a sweet nibble.  And, if I don't want to risk taking the elevator to get to the company cafeteria (I have a newfound wariness for company elevators) or if I just plain miss lunchtime I'm not going to be grumped out for the rest of the day.

I mentioned my excursion to a Client.  A Client who has been in a role like mine before (work away from home) and he offered to pick up whatever I needed when he does his "Kroger Run" on Sundays.  Lo and behold, he brings me Gatorade.
I have a dealer.  Hehe.  Now I just need to get it delivered chilled.  World's Greatest Client in the World.  He's on my side.

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