Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A little disoriented.

For a number of reasons I make it a point not to write about work too much on my blog. Right now, however, work feels a little like life and I feel a little bit like writing about it and believe I can do so without crossing any lines.

My work assignment through the end of the year involves me working on "the Client side" while also keeping my hand in some agency projects as well. Fortunately, I'm not working both sides of the same projects. That would just be talking to myself, right? I do have two email accounts (and two computers with identical hardware) so I could send myself stuff. I was trying to schedule an appointment tonight and I ended the conversation with "let me check my calendars."

It's a little disorienting. For whatever reason every single time I leave my hotel room I want to turn right even though the elevator will always be to the left. I've actually asked to be booked in this same room for all visits through the end of the year. I'll consider it a milestone when I turn left without hesitation. Or maybe I'll just put an arrow on the door. Or listen to more Beyonce.

The client site is very different from my agency. It's different in that nothing is different and there were a few too many moments today where I just wasn't sure where I was (the floors look the same, the quadrants within the floors look the same, that sort of thing). And, it's also hard to know where I'm going with an elevator system that makes me consider climbing 11 flights of stairs to get to my desk.

There's a movie theater off the hotel playing "Inception" just in case things start to feel a little normal.

I do not like the hotel bath products though which is probably a good thing.

I do like not having to make the bed, though. As tidy as I am, I've always had a hard time doing something that will be undone so soon.

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