Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I just had a Five Guys burger so all is well.

A tornado warning was just announced over the PA system (I am in Ohio) and everyone has been advised to go into a conference room or the stairwell. I'll repel down the side of the building before I find shelter in a stairwell again.

Ever the optimist, I'm headed to the airport.

The flight I am on is delayed. I work a little of my Jamie travel magic (got United to release the ticket to US Airways) and when I left C-bus there was a rainbow in the sky.If you can find the Hyatt in the background look for Helen and Elita having some drinks at Big Bar on Two.

I'm in DC now. I don't want to jinx my good luck so far. Two hour layover. But I just had a Five Guys Burger so all is well.

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