Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mary & Happy Reunion Team Bob Saget

Once upon a time there was a trivia team named "Team Tourette's X#@#$@ Bob Saget."
Tir Na Nog fired our favorite waitress.
Trivia host started asking repeat questions.
The food was never very good.
And that was the end of that.
We found another trivia night at Ruckus in Cary with better food and that held us over for a while but was never quite the same.
And that was the end of trivia.
While I readily admit to being both a geek and a creature of habit I was kind of over trivia night having done it almost weekly for over a year but there were fun times. Birthdays especially.

So, in honor of Bob Sageter Mary's Birthday (9.14.10) the team revisited Tir Na Nog (9.15.10). I wasn't there so not sure it it was more of a "Sex In The City II" sequel versus "The Empire Strikes Back" kind of night.

I was in Ohio, weary, so I celebrated by ordering dessert from room service. Happy Birthday Mary!Oh, and the thing with all the geometric designs on the cheesecake. Edible.

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