Thursday, August 12, 2010

Western NC Adventure Day One

This is how Barb and I are spending the weekend. It's 4:52 so the REI part hasn't even started but the adventure part definitely did - probably when Barb got off I-40 and forgot she was driving a stick shift and figured all the noises the car was making were rumble strips.

Our first night (8.12.10) was in Morgantan. Barb diligently researched hotels and learned from the Chamber of Commerce that the Hampton Inn was the cleanest hotel in town. Interesting standards. While Hampton Inn is a chain they have a few random touches that seem like an attempt to give it a bit of a boutique feel. Our absolute favorite was this poster in the elevator.

I'm sorry but it looks like the man has drowned. Live a little, but never swim alone. Speaking of swimming when Barb and I swim she is very deliberate about what lane she wants to be in. I have a feeling she'll be choosing which full size bed she wants to sleep in. She does. Fortunately, I am indifferent about such things.

We get directions to an Italian restaurant "downtown" and are told to drive past the restaurant because finding street parking can be tricky.

Yeah, real tricky. As usual, all we could do was laugh, which kind of becomes the tone for the weekend.

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