Sunday, August 15, 2010

Western NC Adventure Day Four

Well, here we are day four.  The ConEd ladies are ready to climb.
And today, I grabbed the Golden Ring.  I got to the top of the course.
 Here's  video of the lowering of Jamie.  Note the attempt to do a dance move on the way down.  Shoom-pa-da!

Part Two of the climbing day brought up to a different part of the same rock-face.  I can't remember the name of the "move" we did but I think it was something like a reverse belay that basically involved all five of us kinda climbing at the same time.

Lindsay leads the way.  This allows her to take pictures of us from above.  After Lindsay come Barb.
Followed by Liz.
Note Jamie and Deb still on the ground in the above.  At that point, I still don't think I understood exactly how this was going to work but I was roped in and ready to roll with whatever.  And note below, that Deb & Jamie have started to ascend, so we must have figured something out.
 Liz takes some nice shots
But not the clouds.  Impending storm.  Which means we descend before we finish doing whatever it is we started.

We're drenched.  Again.  But happy and laughing.  Again.
This was a fantastic weekend.  Exactly what Jamie and Barb needed for the same reasons and for their own reasons.  And what better way to confirm a good weekend than with a rainbow?
And what better way to get back to the reality of work on Monday than running into this fellow on the ride home?

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