Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Friday 12.26

Play Settlers.

Learn that Adam and Teri have same size feet

Eat Perogi’s.

Go shopping.
See “Marley and Me” Jamie fails to cry.

Saturday 12.27

Play Settlers.
Go to Experimental Music Project.

Go to REI. Adam gets really cool belt.
Go to a bar where Teri and Nate know the bartender. Bartender tries to sneak a funny face into a picture, doesn't realize we're taking a video. This really cracks me up.

See “Slumdog Millionaire”
Go to a so-so improve show at Jet City Improv.

Sunday 12.28

Play Settlers.
Stop in highway for an hour during an avalanche check.

Overpriced sledding.

Wait to dance at Century
Go have a drink at lesbian bar
Go dancing at Century

Monday 12.29

Play Settlers.
Go shopping.
Watch at SUV shake laterally because it’s so windy.
Go to Starbucks and get served by a damn fine tranny barista.
Go to Seattle library.

Go to “Stupid Prices”

Watch “Stepbrothers”
Wait a really long time for pizza.
Eat pizza.
Go to airport.
Red Eye. No upgrades. No sleep. No JERKS.

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