Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A classy night

And we're off to Asheville for Lindy Focus New Year's Eve Dance.

We have a very classy dinner. Pizza. From Papa John's. We're joined by Mike F, who incidentally, lives in Seattle, but has been in Asheville this whole week.

No sit down. No delivery. We go get it ourselves.

Then, to Walgreens for drinks. This night doesn't get any classier.

Well, it does. I actually wear a dress. I wear dresses in normal life all the time, but never for dancing. I can't dance in the dress so I wardrobe change into another dress. And then, later, pants.

Tobias tried to take a picture of me but I didn't like it so he deleted it. So, the only photographic evidence I have of being there is a teeny tiny one of me watching dancing. It's a cool shot though, so here you have it it. Happy New Year.

New Year's Day Brunch was celebrated in downtown Asheville - brunch outside.
I like 2009 already.

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