Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes we can

I have to give props to McKinney. They gave Election Day off to anyone who wanted to go volunteer to get out the vote. And get out the vote I did. I canvassed in Durham. I did the afternoon shift and was pleased to find that most of the people I spot with had already voted. And for Obama.

At 3:15 I encountered a woman who had not voted. She had just moved and her voting station was on the other side of Durham. Her daughter was coming home at 4:00.

I zoomed her across town. She voted and made it home with time to spare. She would not have voted otherwise. This was a close race. Votes like that won this thing.

Yes. We. Can.

Before the election I had been listening to a Norah Jones song called "Election Day" - she wrote it in 2004. It's chilling. "But the day after is darker." Not this Wednesday, Norah.

I am proud again.

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