Saturday, November 22, 2008

The ill felt better, so let's go dancing.

I had such a good time dancing in Denver earlier this week, so I decided to meander down to Greensboro for some dancing with the Piedmont Swing Dance Society at the Oriental Shrine Club on Saturday night.

I was keen to dance because I missed Loafers on Thursday because I was caring for the ill. The ill felt better, so let's go dancing.

Of about 10 photos of me outside the dance venue, this was the best one. Alarming. I'm getting a strange look from the guy leaving the dance. Based on the expression on my face, I deserved it.

Look at my neck. That's a scarf. Not a decorative scarf. It's a "I'm cold, please keep me warm" scarf. It was too too cold for North Carolina for late November. I moved down South for a reason, damnit. Leave the chilly weather to the Connecticut-ers, thank you.

Here's a shot of folks on the inside, doing the shim sham.

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