Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bizet Has His Day

I'm awake at 4:00am. I feel Blue. My DJ plays "Bizet Has His Day" and my spirits are immediately lifted. If Bizet has his day, I can too. I listen to this song repeatedly throughout the day. And request that it's played at Loafers tonight. Google this song and listen to it. Those first few bars will make you smile. I promise.

And (drumroll) - Pizza Night is back. Worlds collide and I have pizza at my favorite restaurant ever - Bella Monica. It took so much restraint not to order the chicken parm. I did order pizza. And I didn't like it that much. Maybe that's just because this was Pizza Night #13.

And then Loafers. Dancing has been a source of frustration lately. I don't feel like I'm getting any better and some days, I feel like I'm regressing. I've given it some thought and I realize that part of the problem is that as much as I go out to dance, I'm not actually dancing as much as I should be. I'm socializing. Because I'm a much better at socializing than dancing. I danced more when I knew less people. I dance more this night.

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