Sunday, October 06, 2013


I've been in London for the past two weeks working at the cabinet office with the Beh@vior@l Insights Te@m. 

Top Five

1)  I felt like I was on The West Wing

I was surrounded by very savvy civil servants.  I gave everyone a West Wing alter ego.  I was Ainsley Hayes - because I arrived later in the series and have a slightly different point of view (though not a Republican one) and I'm smart and beautiful.  

This is Will Bailey.

2) Boozeonomics

3) I was snack free.  For the first week, anyway.  

This has nothing to do with any will-power or resolve.  The vending machine just didn't take money.  It required a special card.  By the start of week two I figured it out.

4) Flatmates

I used AirBnB for some of the trip.  I bonded with my flatmates.  We watched the series finale of both Dexter and Breaking Bad.  Those shows were the culmination of hours and hours of watching.  Sharing those moments created an instant bond.

I feel like such a poser saying flatmates.  And loo.  And cheers.  And tube.

5) Banksy  

I'm a bad tourist.  So, I gave some structure to my walks around London.  I bought an app that told me where to find Banksy art.  I'm very happy when I have a mission.

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