Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Cheers II

Bottom Five

1)  Showing up at London Fashion Week in a fleece.

Yeah, I just didn't think that one through.

2)  Having to use a crappy Android loaner phone with very expensive (as in use in emergencies only) access.  And, it had a crap camera.

I think a smart phone can facilitate better adventures than the adventures I had because I was without a smart phone.   

Plus, I got like 25 messages when I landed that really should have come through anywhere.  My phone sounded like a Vegas slot machine.

3)  I speak the language 

Actually, I don't.  I think I would have preferred a totally foreign language where I have no idea what was going on rather than being lured into the comfort of a shared language and then totally thrown off by the influence of context and culture.  This isn't just cute things like "tube" versus "subway" and "lift" versus "elevator."  It's deeper.  I can't quite describe the difference.  But I felt it.

4)  Underwhelming Food 

Maybe better to access to "Yelp" would have helped (see #2).  And, not having lunch in a government cafeteria.  There have to be good places to eat but I could not find them.  I never left a meal with that "Ah, good.  Yum" feeling.  Eating was a way to address hunger but it brought no satisfaction otherwise.

And porridge?  Even I can make oatmeal without messing it up.  

5)  Shoes 

I brought sneakers, black high heels, brown high heels and my climbing shoes. Something in between sneakers and high heels would have been a good idea.  I considered buying comfort shoes but given that I could make due with what I had, I didn't.  And generally: comfortable = ugly.

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