Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A broken golf club makes a great pool stick

The Lab goes golfing.  This is this first redemption of one of many items from the charity auction.

I bid on two beginner golf lesson (boss paid) thinking it was something folks at the lab might not do on their own but would enjoy given the opportunity.

And that's exactly how it panned out.

Even the part where a co-worker broke my driver was funny.  The ball went nowhere.  The head of the club went flying.  I was stunned when it happened.  I didn't realize these things were breakable.  They are.  They are also fixable, fortunately.

The instructors told us that collared shirts and khaki pants were preferred.  I planned on stopping home and changing before the lesson but was held up.  So I arrived in a collared sweater and tank top.  It was just too hot for the sweater.

So, I golfed in a tank top.  An excellent or terrible choice, depending on your perspective.

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