Friday, February 24, 2012

Golf and Studs

On Friday night my boss sent a few folks from the lab to a charity auction to obtain items the lab might enjoy (in other words we bid, he paid).

My hovering skills (part of the auction was silent) resulted in obtaining both items I chose for the lab.

Item #1
Two golf lessons for ten people.

I put it to the lab like this - "You people need more practical skills."

Item #2
We'll get a private concert from three MBA's who describe themselves as "studs."  They'll come to the lab and sing top 40 songs.  I made a bid.

Someone came over and remarked "Hey look, we're up to XX amount."

Jamie (says):  Are you one of the three studs?

Jamie (thinking):  He's good looking in that generic MBA kind of way.  Please say yes.

Stud:  Yes.

Jamie (says):   I'll give you stud-ly but where are the other two?  And do you know Rebecca Black's Friday?

Jamie (thinking):  Please say yes.

Stud:  Over there (points).   And yes.

Jamie (thinking):  MBA's all look the same.

Jamie (says):  Approved.  I own you.  Start rehearsing.

Jamie (thinking):  It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

Somehow I missed "Friday" at the height of it's popularity.  So, now I play it every Friday and try to get a little dance party going.  I usually only have one other person who will rock out with me and that's enough. It also bothers the crap out of someone else who then requires we listen to 18 minutes of classical music as cleansing.

I can't wait for these guys to show up and sing it.  We're going to try to schedule all of our events around the same time (to hell with the research about spreading out enjoyable experiences) and call it a carnival.

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