Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top Eight Favorite Things About My Evening with Ira Glass

Ira started the show.  In the dark.  For a moment everyone in the audience was alone in their car listening to This American life.

I read something in the local newspaper that made me think he might not talk about Mike Daisey.  That wouldn't have felt right.  It would have felt like a show, not a performance.  He brought up the Mike Daisey thing and talked about it without letting it take over

He told all the folks who were there on dates and had no idea who he was or what he was talking about that he hoped they would all get laid.

"Great stories happen to those who can tell them."

“It's important that you're out to amuse yourself"

He answered questions from folks in the cheap seats during Q&A.

He was delightfully straightforward.

"People tell me I have a great voice for radio.  I don't.  I talk like a 15 year old.  You're just used to it.  There's a lot to be said for repetition."
Audience Member:  Do you have any tried and true questions you use to bring out a really great story?
Ira:  Yes.  "Do you have a really great story?"

He does talk like a 15 year old.  I would be wasted in 5 minutes if there was a drinking game based on him saying "Like" or "You know."

Least favorite thing about the evening:  Paying to park in the garage where I used get paid to park.

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