Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Silver Joy

There's something wonderful about rediscovering joy.

I'm in Colorado this week (I love this Spring Break academic calendar thing) skiing.  The weather great, the conditions good (great by New England standards) and very fun company.

I enjoyed the first few days getting back into the groove, working on technique and breaking my body into it (a housemate put it best when she woke up after the first day and said "I feel like elephants have stepped on me.")

Today the NASTAR course was open.  For this first time in almost half my life I ran gates.  Repeatedly.

I absolutely loved it.  Exhilarating, thrilling, speed.  This was joy.  Rediscovered.

Most of my runs were Bronze but I managed to score a Silver.

Being in my thirties definitely helps with ratings/rank.
And I have two more days to get Gold.

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