Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Delights

I'm just back from an adventure in Minnesota.  The temperatures and lack of snow were unimpressive.  Had it not been for a "Youbetcha" at hotel check-in I might have wondered if I was in the wrong place.

Actually, I was at the wrong place at the time of the youbetcha.  It did not occur to me that there were like three Hiltons downtown.  I was pleased with the relative luxuriousness of the hotel and room when I finally got there.  Of utmost importance however:

I was in Minnesota for work.  We've been working with a corporation in Minneapolis addressing business questions using behavioral economics.  My personal highlight was sharing research I had done on their behalf (hotel products were a close second).

I learned a lot observing my boss manage conversations, draw on research and respond to questions.  Also, he can be extremely blunt and it's quite entertaining.  It's never ill-intentioned or disrespectful.  Just pointed.  With good reason.

As part of my research I spent my Friday night outside of a MN town called "Ham Lake" playing a modified version of Family Feud with perfect strangers.

Very random delights.

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