Thursday, March 31, 2011

"I feel like such as asshole for crying over an asshole like you"

On Feb 6th, 2006 I interviewed with a "Rod Brown" at McKinney. I had no idea his title or department and he kind of looked like he could be in IT. Given how many people I had to interview with for this position nothing would have surprised me.

This Rod fellow wanted to take a walk. So, we did. I was wearing dress up a clothes and heels and negotiating the stepping stones of the "river" through the American Tobacco Campus was a touch challenging. Then, this Rod fellow decided we should sit. On a brick wall that was about 2 feet off the ground. Easy for a short guy wearing pants. Not so easy for a tall woman wearing a skirt. Rod had interesting questions but I thought he was a bit odd.

When McK made the offer I was under the impression there were two possible spots for me and I delicately expressed a preference for the one not on Rod's team (I don't remember how I expressed it but it wasn't "That Rod guy is weird" - mind you.

For most of my McKinney career, Rod was my manager.

He is also friend. And he's "good people" through and through. I could fill pages with Rod stories and I just might tell a few stories later. For now, let's fast forward.

Rod left McKinney at the end of March 2011. There was a little "roast" for him on his last day. Much to my surprise I got a little teary (I wasn't the only one).

After the little gathering I full on cried.

I went into Rod's office, still sobbing and said "I feel like such an asshole for crying over an asshole like you." And we hugged.

Rod was part of the heart of my McKinney. I miss that grump.

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