Tuesday, March 08, 2011

2 resolutions in 3 days

I made a few resolutions at the start of 2011.  Checked off two of them in the past three days.

 Enter a Novice Jack & Jill Why not?
I entered a first timer's contest - not Jack & Jill format but same difference.  We placed last but probably had the most fun (and, I met my lead the day before the contest and decided to enter with him about 45 minutes before the competition).  And, we weren't unanimously last - 5 judges - three of them put us in 4th place but two of them put us in 3rd place.  Really, entering it and just doing it was a big win for me.

I worked in "high-five" to one of the judges (Falty) during the dance.  Clips to follow but for now, a screen grab.


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