Saturday, December 19, 2009

Running With Weather

Barb launched her 50 mile training program this week. I'm going to run with her as often as possible. Not as long or as fast. We make it easier for each other to get our there.

Barb and I planned to run over lunch at work. Then it started to snow. Now, here's why I love Barb. She's more excited to run b/c it's snowing. I was too. Of course, it stopped snowing during our run and then started up after the run. We wanted to be hard core but the weather didn't allow it.

Saturday morning was rainy and cold. When I left my apartment to drive a pal to the airport my first thought was "Er, don't want to run in this" but then I thought about Barb on Marathon Day, and skiing and was fine with crappier weather. If you're ready for it (apparel) it can be fun.

We had a muddy run on Lake Johnson. And then read up on running in the cold and rain. We need track suits.

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