Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pretty Rain Boots Make Everything Better

Have you ever opened up a pot of rice and watched the steam come screaming out? That's pretty much what happened to my car this morning. So I pulled over, got out of the car and stared at it.

Before I could figure out what to do next someone had pulled over to help. This nice guy helped me open the hood. Using the manual we figured out where to find the coolant container was and then we determined it was empty. While said guy was helping me with my car I put in a quick call to my boss. He made a joke about John Silverman driving by. "John Silverman," I said. "How do you know John Silverman?" What I didn't realize what that the person who stopped was McKinney coworker. Hey, there are a ton of new people at the place and I was gone when most of them came in. And here I thought he was helping a pretty damsel in distress.

He stayed for a bit until I had a call into Rod who knew I was going to be late and also car me car advice), Swedish Imports (the repair shop), Roadside Assistance and pal David who was going to come wait with me (David just drove 14+ hours from Chicago last night, but he and his puppy Parker were happy to come join me).

I'm told the tow truck will arrive 40 minutes or less. An hour later I get a call. The tow truck got in an accident on it's way to me. David said "That's like hitting an ambulance." An accident isn't funny, it isn't, but this situation, well, it really was. We had to laugh. I don't think Parker was as amused. Poor boy wants out of the car.

Finally the second tow truck arrived. At this point, David has escaped for coffee in downtown Durham so I rode with the Tow Truck Guy to Swedish imports where David met me with a bagel and juice and drove me to work.

It was raining this morning so of course I had on my snappy rain boots. Either Diane or David noted "Good thing she has her rain boots. Make waiting for the tow truck much more fun."

It did!

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