Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pizza Night, Take Six

Lilly's, located in Five Points area in Raleigh was the venue of choice for Pizza Night #6.

During the meal, Lilly's was definitely a contender for a top three ranking.

Lilly's was followed by a trip to Loafer's - the "Beach Club" where I swing dance every now and then.

My stomach started to rumble during the drive from Lilly's to Loafer's. And then when I got to Loafers, well, my stomach started to Swing Dance. The stomach and rumbling and dancing should have taken Lilly's off the list for repeat visit reconsideration. But, I'll go back.

Sadly, an upset stomach doesn't stop me. Like sheet cake or Red Robin. Every time I eat there I say "Ugh, I feel sick, I'm never going again" - but there I am again all too often, snarfing down a $9.00 burger.

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