Saturday, June 07, 2008

He will not read this post.
But it's for him.

Some very sad news this Tuesday.
One of my co-workers was killed in a bike accident on his morning ride.
Hit by a car.

His story is here.

My story, about him:

Clive was a flash programmer at McKinney. He was also very active on the interactive community e-mail group. In fact, I knew him by e-mail more than I knew him by person, at first. A few months ago, he sent out an e-mail asking if any employees had blogs. I sent him here.

And Clive started to read my blog.

I ran into him in the pantry one day and he asked me a little bit more about a bike ride I had taken that weekend.

It took me a moment to realize how he knew I had gone on a bike ride in the first place.

After that I talked about riding with him – his passion for it was inspiring.

I didn’t post about riding for a while – probably some combination of me blogging and riding less.

Clive noticed.

And he told me to get out there. It was somewhere between a suggestion and an order.

As a bike rider, I was especially chilled by the news.
But I’m going to get right back out there.

For Clive.

His memorial service was today.
A celebration of his life.

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