Sunday, October 28, 2007

My pal Jess, from college (Carleton) just started a blog about food.
I rotate through an endless cycle of not even ten dinners, but maybe two dinners I actually make, and then 3 dinners I order at restaurants, so I'll take an advice I can get.

As you probably already have read, I've heard that the average American family rotates through an endless cycle of the same ten dinners. This seems depressing to me and I really can't imagine that it's true. I propose to post what my husband (M), our toddler (T), and I (J) are eating each day in hopes that we'll be above average! Also, though, it's most important to hear from you. What are you eating? If we all share maybe we can up the national average by inspiring one another.

Also, added to my blogroll.

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