Saturday, October 06, 2007

Little Victories

When it comes right down to it, I live in an overpriced dorm for Duke grad students. There's a great gym in my building and I make use of it. As far as I'm concerned, if someone is waiting, you use a cardio machine and you give it up after 30 minutes. That's common courtesy. As far as these Dookies are concerned 65 minutes on the elliptical during "peak hours" (before 9:00, as if any of these people even have a job) while other people (ME) are waiting is perfectly fine. There's one 90 pound woman who is particularly guilty of doing this and she really should concentrate on eating donuts in the morning instead of 65 manic minutes on the elliptical.

I became frustrated with this situation and e-mailed management suggesting they put up a sign "30 minute limit on cardio while others are waiting." Weeks went by and nothing happened. I considered printing a sign myself and hanging it.

Anyway, on Friday morning I went to the gym and alas, signs were posted - these were official looking real plaques trumpeting my message.

Little Victory.

There's another courtesy I'm working to instill. If I get to the gym before anyone is there, I get to chose the TV channel. I just do. I got there first. It's rude to just walk into the gym and chance the channel without asking the other folks if it's OK. But this happens. Even thouh I would prefer to blast VH1 and I just can't get enough of Fergie if someone ASKS, I will put up with the today show.

Rant over.

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