Tuesday, July 10, 2007

People who live in cold climates have remote car starters to get their cars warm and defrosted by the time they get in them. I think I'm going to get a remote car starter so I can get my A/C fired up before I get in my car.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning to take a bike ride. It was nasty hot. I might have to push back my alarm clock to sunrise in order to ride without feeling like I'm going to fry on the pavement.

But, I must say that I still think the Minnesota cold is worse than the NC hot.


Josh Resnik said...

Those comments about the weather in North Carolina being better than in Minnesota are crazy, just crazy! At least in winter in Minnesota I can go outside, play broomball or go cross-country skiing and I am totally comfortable. In your hot and humid summer months you cannot do anything to get comfortable outside so you sit inside in the air conditioning.

And while we are comparing Minnesota and North Carolina, let me remind you that North Carolina elected Jesse Helms five times FIVE TIMES!!!!!!!) to the U.S. Senate, while Minnesota has given the nation Paul Wellstone, Hubert Humphrey, and Walter Mondale.

Jamie said...

Yeah, um, Minnesota also gave the nation their own Jesse. Ahem.