Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One of my most favorite things about living in North Carolina is the Eno River Quarry. When I'm in the middle of The Quarry treading water I look at my surroundings and think "This is why."

It's been a fun place to share with friends, a fun place to cool off in our very warm weather, a great place to sit on a noodle (flotation device) or try to stand on and dive off of a flimsy float. There are cliffs from which I have yet to jump.

It was quite upsetting when I learned that someone drowned at The Quarry on Monday evening. I had been talking to pals at work about taking an end of the day dip and one of my friends mentioned that she was there on Monday night, leaving the Quarry, when the fire trucks pulled up. The story is also in the news now.

They're still trying to determine exactly what caused the person to "go under" but the quarry is very deep all around and I've been advised to always bring some sort of flotation device. I was a lifeguard (I trained people to be lifeguards) and I consider myself to be a fairly strong swimmer but I know that I'll be extra cautious from now on.

Here's a quote from the victim's mom:
"I want people to know that he had fun there, and he enjoyed it," Bailey said. "It was a happy thing for him."

It's a happy thing for me too and here are some pics:

Arriving at the Quarry in my party dress.

Looking at the cliff from where I might jump in my party dress.

Looking at the cliff from where I might jump in my bathing suit.

Yeah! Rain. An excuse not to jump.

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