Friday, June 15, 2007

Goats on the Loose, Part Two

The goats are in the back pasture, because the horses are in the main pasture. But there's a hole in the back pasture so the goats got loose. I put them back in there twice already but they keep on getting out so we stopped worrying about it. So, there are just goaties walking around the property. They come up to the window, wander around on the porch. They asked Ellen if she would mind making them some decaf in the morning and Zsa Zsa was looking for some hair spray for her goatie (ooooh, that was baaaaad). When I pulled in they come up to the car and help me unload groceries.

We are *this close* to just letting them in the house and teaching them tricks.

The goat food is kept in a garbage can. Yesterday I witnessed three goats inside the garbage can getting at the food. I took a teriffic video that I will post soon.

They are eating everything.

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