Friday, April 04, 2014

A kick

And I'm back from Africa.
For me, this trip puts the brain thing squarely behind me (I do hope to continue writing about it for both the humor and history).
Before I left I worried that going on this trip was somehow kicking my health in the face.  
But really, this adventure gave me a good kick in the pants.
Before I left I had been feeling cautious.  A reasonable response to injury and recovery but the cautiousness was pervasive.

I return from Africa feeling a little less scared, somehow.

It also confirmed that I'm happiest when I'm doing research in the field with a view towards some type of intervention, action, change to the environment - doing something!  I view my work as an extension of theoretical and lab work - not simply an the application of Behavioral Economics.  

Someone from the lab will likely come after me to write a post for the official work blog.  So, more on what I was actually doing in Africa instead of all this personal and professional reflection nonsense.

In the meantime, here's a picture of me training Research Assistants.  The team was extremely sophisticated and experienced and they certainly kept me on my toes.  As usual, the learning ran deep both ways. 

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Unknown said...

Impresdive. Exciting. Wonderful.