Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Preamble to the story of Jamie's Duke Brain Adventure

Dear Readers (Hi Mom),

I had brain surgery over the holidays. 
I am totally fine.

Writing about it will help me archive the experience and share the humor of it.   You have to laugh about things like this.

The really short story
I felt dizzy for a long enough time to lead me to get an MRI.  The MRI revealed that my brain bleed from four years ago had quadrupled in size.  When your brain bleeds twice and the bleed is big it’s time to remove the thingy that’s the causing the bleed.  So, the fine folks at Duke Hospital did brain surgery and removed the thingy (also known as a cavernoma). 

The surgery went just fine.  No complications.  I am otherwise is great health so my recovery has been great.  That said, it was brain surgery so for the month of January I am perfecting the art of taking it easy. 

The really long story will follow.  
I'll post installments as I write them. 
The first post is on November 28th - Thanksgiving!  So you'll have to scroll down or click back a few pages.  That's just the way blogger organizes things.

Again, I'm totally fine. 
I wouldn't be casually blogging about it if I wasn't.

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Unknown said...

Wow, you needed this to happen like you needed a hole in your head.

Oh. Right.