Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The first thing I think to myself is "It finally happened. I got hit by a car."

I am pretty good at coming up with reasons why I can't go running. Despite my best efforts I could not think of a reason this morning.  So, I decided to take a quick spin around the block.

Generally I'm pretty assertive about getting the right of way when I have it.  And as a pedestrian I generally do have it.  But when I see a mother and a stroller on the sidewalk ahead of me I decide to get out of the way.  Even though the stroller has wheels that seems way more suited for off-roading than my barely sneakers.


I'm on the ground.  The first thing I think to myself is "It finally happened.  I got hit by a car." I'm not hoping to get hit by a car or anything.  But, between my pedestrianism and occasional space-case-ness  I just wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

I did not get hit by a car.  I just tripped.  Probably over myself.  I think some of the sidewalk is embedded in my left hand.  I grip my hand like I'm climbing.  The climbing part of my hand is okay.

The most damage?  My phone.  For years I swore by my indestructible Otter Box and then one day I was like "This thing is so ugly." and I got a normal case.

This is my phone.  It still works.  I'm tempted to bump into someone and drop my phone and make that person feel really bad.  But I'm not that cruel. 

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