Thursday, October 18, 2012

Working The Fair

The NC State Fair isn't really important to me.  I find it crowded, smelly, expensive, and the parking is impossible.  Yes, good people watching but I see enough of that elsewhere.  I've also been to other state  fairs (MN, NH) and I don't find them to be all that different.

I've lived here 6+ years and never made it to the fair.  I tried the first two years and was thwarted by weather and parking.  Then I was like "I don't do the State Fair."

Until our lab has an opportunity to bring out research mobile to the fair.  It's basically a lab on wheels.  The outside reminds me of Xanadu.  I made the remark when I first saw it and I think it was lost on everyone due to age and growing up in another country.

And here's my "worker badge."  This game with a parking pass too.

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