Sunday, September 25, 2011


Within moments of landing in New York's LGA I wondered how I ever managed to live in such a chaotic environment.

Within a day I realized (remembered?) with the right mindset, friends, "routine" and a bit of cash, the chaos becomes energy. Energy so intoxicating you consider changing out of your pajamas when you get a text about a party at 1:00am. It was nice to plug into that.

Two days later I headed back to LGA feeling like I had gotten a good dose of NYC (certainly wanted more) but was alright returning to my North Carolina world.

We'll see how long that lasts. Maybe there will be an encore my 2006 Oscar winning performance outside of Whole Foods on Wade in Raleigh at 9:05 pm knocking on the windows in disbelief that they were closed followed by crying in the parking lot because I was really really hungry. It all felt uncivilized to me. Then again, there's plenty about NYC that feels uncivilized.

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