Monday, August 08, 2011

I guess I like Spin Art more than Skee Ball.

My birthday, birthday is tomorrow (at 11:34 EST to be exact) but the festivities began on Sunday with a "Stupid/Retro Party Games Birthday Party" featuring an assortment of silliness and including Spin Art which is probably as close as you'll ever get me to crafts.

Spin Art was a very demanding celebrity guest. I had to drive to a Toys R Us in Cary on Saturday during tax free weekend. I felt like a guy in Victoria's Secret. A little uncomfortable, a little intrigued.

The last time I came anything close to a similar situation was simply starting to open the door to a Chucky Cheese on a weekend afternoon (down time, wanted to play Skee Ball) and closing it based solely on glimpse of the volume of children and a nanosecond of the noise from within.

With that, an extremely unexciting video.

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