Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bouncing Balboa Baby

Baby likes to bounce
Balboa involves a bounce (pulse)
Jamie likes to Balboa
Baby likes Jamie

Baby's parents are in a Bluegrass Band.
Nature (Bluegrass) or Nurture (Swing)?

I might just have a maternal bone in my body.

This week I learned Anthropologie has a wedding dress line. I'm amused that's what made me think "Hmmm, I could get married."

My apologies for doing Balboa to "Lindy Hopper's Delight." If you're going to start them young, start them right.

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Rob Mackenzie said...

It's so funny what makes you go "hmmmm". I remember being at a Monster Truck show in Providence, RI and seeing a 5 year-old girl with a baseball cap cheering her head off amidst a convention center full of exhaust and drunken townies (self included). I was like "hmmm...I could have kids I suppose." Lo' and behold, a few years later there's a little dare-devil asleep upstairs.