Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tired Tire

Just this morning I drove past Swedish Imports (the place where I get my Saab serviced) and thought to myself "My car has been trouble free for so long."

Until this afternoon. After an obscene amount of reschedules I was headed to the dentist. On I-40 and I heard a weird nose. At first I thought it was the CD I was playing but the noise didn't go away when I turned it down. Then I thought a window might be open. That didn't appear to be the case. Then there was blue smoke and a bad smell and I got myself off that highway right away. This was the state of my tire.

I was calm and cool (well not cool, it's really hot out there) and called roadside assistance for a tow. They asked if I had a spare tire. I had no idea but checked the trunk and realized there was a donut. Before I had the opportunity to figure out how the hell I was going to get it on someone pulled over and helped. Ah, damsel in distress. Dentist appointment missed, donut on and at the tire place waiting for a hypothesis as to what happened and a new tire.
UPDATE from Tire Guys: There was a nail in the time and then it was low and then it just ripped itself up.

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