Thursday, April 01, 2010

Will anything fun happen today?

So, I started 4.01.10 at an 830am Client meeting in Columbus, OH. Without referencing April Fool's I asked my Client "Will anything fun happen here today?" and he just laughed. Because out of context I guess it's a funny question.

Nothing did happen at the Client site that day and when I boarded the plan home to Raleigh I was kind of bummed that April Fool's had been so boring.

Then the pilot came on and announced that the flight from Wilmington, NC was underway. Quickly followed by "Gotcha, April Fool's." (Reminded me of a time I took a flight from Detroit to Flint and everyone headed to Flint was directed to a plane going elsewhere. When the flight attendant made the destination announcement there was quite a bit of confusion).

About 20 minutes later as we're about to take off (after having been delayed for quite some time) the pilot gets on and says we've got to turn around because there's some issue with the landing equipment. My first thought is "April Fool's?" and my second though is that if I had gotten a rental car in Charlotte as soon as I landed from Columbus I might be home faster than I'll arrive having taken this flight.

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