Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's a Jamie eat dog food world.

I have been told that either I blog about this, or the story will be told for me. So, here it goes.

I'm helping some friends move. At the end of the day friends and movers are gathered in the kitchen decompressing. I'm standing at the pass through counter and notice a bag of some sort of treat. As we're talking, I grab one of the treats. It looks like a seed of some sort. I'm intrigued. I sniff it and then take a tiny bite out of the side.

I've just hate a bite of dog food.

One of the movers is so amused by this that he has to pace the length of the apartment laughing. He feels bad he laughed so much and so hard that he eats a whole kibble and then starts howling like a dog.

It was funny.

Earlier that day, I ended up having to pee in the woods because I read a book at a park with no facilities.

I'm only human. Or not.

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