Thursday, February 07, 2008

From Birthdayscape to Tamiscape

I might have to recant my enthusiasm for Birthdayscape in light of the post-scape events. One of the women on the trip wasn't feeling well. It got so bad that we ended up taking her to a Dr., learned she had the flu and was so highly contagious that she couldn't fly home for five days.

When she got home from the Dr. in a face mask we whipped out the Lysol, hand-sanitizer and Emergen-C.

We soon learned it was too late.

Within days of our returns to our respective homes (Maine, NYC, Minneapolis, Portland, Boston, NC) the "I'm so sick" e-mails began. The sickies were raving about a drug called Tamiflu that seemed to stave off or shorten the illness and Birthdayscape was dubbed Tamiscape.

I went to bed a little earlier than the others, probably drank less and was hoping my more mellow ways had saved me from influenza. I thought I had avoided it.

Until Thursday, when I felt so dizzy during an all-agency I almost passed out and then ended up in urgent care with a face mask myself and my very own prescription to Tamiflu.

So, here I am. Blogging from bed.


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