Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jetta Got Jumped!
By a hot, brand new, black, Audi.

Or, the tale of how I spent my holiday vacation.

Actually, Jetta died. And got jumped by Dodge. And worked. For ten minutes. So,
she got another jump from Audi. And then she sputtered. And I called roadside assistance.

And the tow truck wouldn't fit in my parking garage and the Roadside Assistance guy told me I would have to push the car out of the garage. And I first I was like "Are you kidding me? Push the car?"

But then I tried. And it moved. I felt like I was on a strong man competition. It was kinda fun because the car really got going on the slopes down. And she was pure weight.

Boy oh Boy do you miss power steering when you don't have it.

Below, Jetta, and the brand new Audi that jumped her.

Doesn't it kind of look like the car ran someone over?

She's waterskiing.


When you buy a new car here, they just drive it inside.

10 miles probably from the test race track in Germany. Das ist cool.


Brahvs said...

Awwww. Poor car. I hope it feels better.

JS OGrady said...

I love your blog, love the polka dots, the action photos, the words. The piece on happiness is great too. North Carolina is a happy place.