Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day off for Jamie.

I woke up. It was rainy and cold and grey. Perfect day to not have to go to work.
Cable guy is scheduled to arrive 8-12. He arrives at 12:02.
I watch a Lifetime Movie. And then another movie :)
I needed this day.
Tomorrow, I head to Asheville for Dance Camp, I mean, Dance Workshop.
It will either be fun or depressing but either way, amusing. And I need some time away. My head is slowly clearing.

I have an unusual obession with Dexter - an original Showtime series. I need to remind myself that none of these people really exist. I am so excited that Michael C. Hall (from Raleigh!) has been nominated for a Golden Globe that I am considering having a Golden Globe party. But from what I understand, that guy from House will win. Grrrr. I feel like a beauty pageant Mom.

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