Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yesterday, I moved onto "The Farm" with friend Ellen.

I pull into the driveway and the goats and chickens run up and greet me.
There is a hammock in the screened in porch.
It is quiet, and private and there are lots of trails in the back, including one that connects with the American Tobacco Trail.

I'm not exactly sure where I am though. One search engine says "Apex" the other "Cary" and another "Durham." We're on the edge of everything, I guess.

While I am living with Ellen, I have yet to see her as she is in New York now and travels frequently. Invisible roommate.

So, here's what I did not love.

My first night I was alone. I am used to apartments. If I am in a freestanding house, it is always with other people. I think this is the first time I have been alone in a freestanding house by myself with no other houses or lights in sight and I admit, I was a little scared. Lots of noises. I swear I heard a wheelbarrow and had this image of my body cut into a million pieces in the wheelbarrow.

Last Halloween, some friends of mine talked about going over to Ellen's farm and trying to scare her. We didn't. But it would not have been hard to spook someone in this environment.

I e-mailed Ellen. She told me where she keeps the hammer. I slept with it.

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