Tuesday, June 01, 2004

My blogging is very erratic, indeed. This just isn't quite my style of communicating but an old friend of mine just told me about his blog and I referred him to mine and then realized that there's nothing much to it. Although he said it was "pure Jamie" - did he mean there's nothing much to me? No, I know what he meant. Even though this blog doesn't say much what it does say is very much in the style of me.

My college reunion is in two weeks. I have very mixed feelings about the whole ordeal. College was not the best four years of my life, like so many claim it should be. I've been down to Northfield a few times since graduation (more so lately now that I live here) and just the physical setting reminds me of drama I'd rather not remember. I try to recognize it as a benchmark for how I've grown but there's still some sense "this sucked."

Reunion was okay. Here is a picture. Nick Baker, Unknown, Greg Erickson, Jamie Foehl and Naomi Dietzel-Dulin.
Third Meyers Folks at Carleton 5 year reunion